Main function of the investigation unit is to regular assessments on how the grants allocated by the central government to provincial councils are utilized. For this activity, information such as central government donations, estimates made by provincial council and actual income and expenditure are used . Issues and variations identified through these investigations will be directed to the attention of provincial monitory management by which provincial councils are urged to achieve their financial goals.

An annual report is prepared on financial performance of the provincial councils, incorporating the income and expenditure information as well as information on staff and common facilities. These information are extremely useful when taking policy decisions on provincial authorities and provision of facilities for them

Activates Carried Out

  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly financial performance reports of 9 Provincial Councils using their reports on estimates, income and expenditure and staff information.
  • Collection of information on estimates, income and expenditure, staff and common facilities of 335 local authorities and preparation of annual financial performance report. Compiling of financial performance reports in district level in the order of income and expenditure of these authorities.
  • Providing of information to national organizations such as Central Bank, Statistics and Census Department and the Treasuries.
  • Taking actions regarding the overloading appeals of all local government authorities.
  • Quarterly review of audit quarry reports, bank comparison reports and advance account reports of provincial councils.

Organization Structure

expenditure monitoring division org si

Timely publications of Investigation Division

  • Monthly monitory performance report of Provincial Councils
  • Quarterly monitory performance report of Provincial Councils
  • Annual monitory performance report of Provincial Councils
  • Preparation of income and expenditure reports of Provincial Councils (on district basis)

Contact Details

Expenditure Monitoring Division
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Head of the branch
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