Achieving rapid economic development of the country as well as a balanced provincial development and executing development programmes with the aim of infrastructure development for the benefit of the people living in the area , whilst minimising anomalies at local areas, extending the maximum contribution to achieve the overall objectives of the ministry through coordination and maintaining healthy relationships with allied institutions, effectively utilizing the annual grants for the training and development


Delivery of public services efficiently and effectively through utilisation of local funds for the development of infrastructure facilities enabling to provide the benefits to the communities who live in the jurisdictions of the local authorities and giving contribution to minimise the inter provincial  disparities through that.

Main Role of Development Division

  • Identification of the projects in order to increase the income in relation to strengthening  the local authorities with lower income and implementation those projects 
  • Incurring recurrent expenses for the maintenance and repairs of old buildings which become barriers in delivering the routine public services of the local authorities with lower income
  • Development of rural libraries belonging to the local authorities and conversion the existing libraries to e-libraries by using the information technology  
  • Implementation of the projects in order to obtain a higher benefit by accurately utilizing the provisions allocated for  the relevant task  as a budget proposal 
  • Preparation of project concept papers in relation to implementation of essential projects and submission them to the Department of National Planning for approval
  • Implementation, monitoring and progress review of the projects
  • Taking action with regard to the effective projects, complaints and grievances submitted by the Presidential Secretariat, other public institutions, volunteer organizations and general public 
  • Marinating a proper co-ordination with other divisions of the Ministry and external organizations
  • Submission of information inquired by the internal and government audits in relation to the projects implemented in previous years.
  • Completion of work of the projects which had not been completed in 2021
    • Providing required instructions and guidance for further  carrying out the incomplete projects  in the future
    • Inspection of bills and making payments
    • Taking action to settle the unsettled advances and release of retention of the project


Ongoing key development programs

  1. Local Authorities Strengthening Program  (Capital)
  2. Pradeshiya Sabha Strengthening program (Recurrent)
  3. Library Development Program 


Local Authorities Strengthening Program (Capital)

Allocation of funds to such local authorities for the development of essential infrastructure facilities in the jurisdiction of the local authorities enabling to fulfillment of the peoples’ requirements which change in line with the urbanization, promotion of self-generating income levels of the local authorities as well as enhancement of the quality and effectiveness of the public services delivered by such institutions.


Ongoing projects under this program

  • Construction of community water projects  
  • Development of market facilities
  • Development of infrastructure facilities in tourist attraction places 
  • Development of public toilet facilities
  • Construction of cemeteries
  • Development of restaurants and comfort centers



DSC 0324JPG   DSC 0330JPG

Completion of remaining work of new boutique complex in Nawagaththegama Bus Stand

(Nawagaththegama P.S.- North West)


Construction of a Bus Stand in front of Kidney Hospital at 28th mile post

(Pollonaruwa Municipal Council- North Central Province)

 Pradeshiya Sabha Strengthening Program (Recurrent) 

Since common amenities prevailing in the jurisdictions of many local authorities are not properly maintained and renovated, taking necessary action to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the services delivered to the people by such local authorities through providing of funds relation to the maintenance and renovations of such facilities of Pradeshiya sabhas 


Ongoing projects under this program

  • Maintenance/ repairs of public toilets
  • Maintenance of drainage systems
  • Maintenance and renovations of public parks and children’s parks 
  • Formal maintenance of Aurvedic centers and Children’s and maternity clinics
  • Regularization of tourist attraction places
  • Vehicle repairs



DSC 0324JPG   DSC 0330JPG

Modernization of weekly fair at Lunuwila

Sirigampola Wenanapuwa P.S. – North West Province

  Renovation of Wagama preschool Rideegama P.S. – North West Province


Library Development Program 

Development of such libraries enabling to deliver more efficient, effective and qualitative service to the public through empowerment of the public libraries belonging to the local authorities by modern technical methods and systems and fulfillment of the essential facilities and resource shortages  


Ongoing projects under this program 

  • Creation of libraries through development of electronic facilities of the libraries belonging to the local authorities
  • Enhancement of the quality through modernization of books, shelves and buildings of the libraries of local authorities


DSC 0324JPG   DSC 0330JPG

Construction of rural electronic library building close to Yoda Ela

Grama Niladhari Office ( Higurakkagoda P.S. _ North Central Province)

  Construction of electronic library building in Weheragala town

(Dibulagala P.S. – North Central Province)


Pradeshiya Sabha Infrastructure Development Program implemented in 2021 (Budget Proposals -36)

Implementation of development projects like “Dialogue with Village” and implementation of the proposals such as small irrigation projects, agricultural roads, sanitary facilities agricultural facilities in estates and remote areas and development of weekly fair and cemeteries 


Ongoing projects under this program

  • Development of weekly fair and market facilities 
  • Development of cemeteries
  • Development of small cities
  • Development of Agricultural roads 
  • Implementation of income generation projects
  • Development of public health, sanitation and educational facilities 
  • Development of common amenities and recreation activities 


DSC 0324JPG   DSC 0330JPG

Construction of Opanayake Hela Bojun Hala and construction of toilet system (Weligepola P.S. – Sabaragamuwa Province )

  Fixing of new equipment in Chamal Rajapakshapura Children’s park having removed dilapidated equipment