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Management of solid waste in administrative areas of Local Authorities


  • Compilation of laws and provision of consultancy to introduce methodological and proper solid waste management activities for the Local authorities.
  • Provision of proper technical support on solid waste management for the Local government institutions.
  • Promoting the local authorities for the creating of local and foreign experience of solid waste management.
  • Supporting to the Local authorities to obtain technical and financial assistance from the non - government organizations and financial institutions.
  • Construction and development of environmental conservation centers (compost projects) in local authorities.
  • Improvement of 3R methodology
  • Providing of compost barrels for the domestic waste management.
  • Providing of compost barrels for the waste management in schools.
  • Implementation of national program of collecting of waste separately to improve the waste management in local authorities.
  • Printing and distributing of waste separation awareness posters and hand bills for the local authorities and school children.
  • Making aware the community about waste management using the electronic media
  • Preparation of advertisements.

Implementation of awareness programmes

  • Conducting of capacity development training programs for the health labour officers for solid waste management. (Providing of National Vocational Qualification - NVQ 4)
  • Conducting of awareness program on the Thakathura method, a new methodology of preparation of compost
  • Implementation of awareness program of waste management for the school children.Special Projects
  • Fulfilling of project work of recycling of sewerage waste under the Punarudaya national programme on environment conservation directed by the presidential secretariat.
  • Supporting to remove the residence from Meethotamulla waste yard which used by the Colombo Municipal Council to discard garbage, to obtain further space in the yard.
  • Activities of removing of garbage at the pradeshiya sabha limits of Kolonnawa, Kotikawatta, Mulleriyawa where affected by flood

Providing of vehicles and instruments for the solid waste management

  • Providing of bob cats, alarm instrument kit, compactors for the local authorities so as to cover the 9 provinces.
  • Preparation of plans for the waste management for the 09 provinces is being made as per instructions of consultant’s council of specialist committee for the compilation of strategies, policies and plans for the waste management and the instructions of the specialist committee.