Ongoing Projects 


  • To minimize the spread of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) where it is at a high rate through the improvement of water supply projects and provides an efficient and effective service through the enhancing the capacity of Local Authorities and reorganizing the activities.
  • Funding Agency Asian Development Bank Funded Project
    Project Duration April 2017 – December 2021
    Project Area North Central, North Western, Central, Uva, Southern & Western Province

    Major Functions

    • New water supply connections for 40,000 families and continuous supply of pure potable water for 60, 0000 families to prevent from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
    • To improve infrastructure facilities at divisional level for better service delivery.
    • To promote reorganizational policies within Local Governance.
    Nawagaththegama Weekly Fair
    Naula Multi-purpose building

    Greater Colombo Waste Water Management Project  

    Objective Improve the urban environment by securing improved sanitation services for Greater Colombo by upgrading sewerage infrastructure, and strengthening the institutional, operational, and project management capacity of the wastewater service provider.
    Funding Agency Asian Development Bank, Government of Sri Lanka.
    Project Duration 2010 - 2021
    Project Area Colombo Municipality

    Component 01 – Rehabilitation and upgrade selected problematic and critical sewers within the Colombo Municipal Council area (10Km), carry out CCTV investigation and obtain condition assessment.

    Component 02 - To construct 06 pumping stations and improve 02 pumping stations. To establish the main supervision unit connecting the SCADA system to the drainage division of Colombo Municipal Council. To construct working unit established with mechanical and scientific methods and construct pressure pump lines.

    Major Activities

    • Renovation of the waste water pump houses within Colombo Municipality.
    • Renovation of waste water drains with less capacity. Renovation of the major drainage lines that release waste water to deep sea.
    • Provision of necessary machinery and equipment required for the maintenance of waste water drainage system.
    • Institutional and capacity development of staff of the waste water division of Colombo Municipal Council.

    Expected results

    • Creating an urban environment friendly for living though the improvement of waste water management.
    • Providing better live status for the public within Colombo city and the suburbs.
    • Improve the quality of marine and land water.

    Greater Colombo Waste Water & Waste Water Management Improvement Investment Programme - Project 2 & 3   

    Objective Improve the urban environment by securing improved sanitation services for Greater Colombo by upgrading sewerage infrastructure, and strengthening the institutional, operational, and project management capacity of the wastewater service provider.
    Stage - 2
    Funding Agency Asian Development Bank, Government of Sri Lanka, European Investment Bank.
    Project Duration

    Project 2: 2016 - 2022

    Project Area Colombo Municipality
    Stage - 3
    Funding Agency Asian Development Bank, European Investment Bank.
    Project Duration

    Project 3: 2016 - 2022

    Project Area Colombo Municipality

    The Investment Project on Greater Colombo Waste Water Project has been formulated with the aims of Efficient and Continuous water supply and proper waste water service within Colombo municipality.

    It is expected to continue the repairs of Colombo Waste Water Drainage Project being implemented under multi-purpose development investment project of Asian Development Bank and establishment of a waste water drainage project as suitable for the future development activities of Colombo South through the financial provisions made for the improvement of water and waste water facilities in Colombo region, establishment of a waste water drainage project for the areas that don’t have that facility and to refine water before releasing to sea. Government of Sri Lanka obtains supplementary fund for this project from European Investment Bank (EIB).

    Construction of Rural Bridges Project


      Rural Bridges Project is implemented island wide as Phase I (210 bridges), Phase II (868 bridges) and Phase III (720 bridges), constructing a total of 1,798 bridges. The main objectives of the project are as follows:

    • Increase mobility and enhance the quality of living standards of the rural communities.
    • Easy access to educational / medical services and reduce transport costs.
    • Increase the safety of people during flooding
    • Enhance community relations
    • Link rural communities with other developments.
    • Increase economic growth
    • Reduce provincial disparities

    Funding Agency
    • Stage I - United Kingdom
    • Stage II - United Kingdom (Enhansment)
    • Stage III - Netherland
    Project Duration


    • Stage I  : 2013 - 2015
    • Stage II : 2014 - 2021
    • Stage III: 2014 - 2021


    Project Area Entire island

    Total number of 1,798 bridges are constructed island-wide under this project as Stage I (210 Bridges), Stage II (868 bridges) and Stage III (720 Bridges) and the objectives of the project are;

    • To increase the mobility and enhance the quality of living standards of the Sri Lankan population with the aim of increasing economic growth of the communities and the country.
    • To increase public safety in rural communities
    • To utilize the untapped and unexploited resources in rural areas.
    • To upgrade development of isolated areas through easy access.

    This project was commenced in 2013 and 210 bridges under Stage I was completed in 2016 and the total cost borne in connection with this was Rs. 7, 372.87 Mn.

    First stage of this project has been completed. Construction works of 329 incomplete bridges under the second state and 353 incomplete bridges under the third stage are in progress.

    Before After
    Kuragammana Hapolagama Bridge - Bibila, Moneragala


    Cross bridge of Handugala Jabaraketiya

    Primary Healthcare System Strengthening Project (PSSP)

    Funding Agency World Bank, Government of Sri Lanka.
    Project Duration June 2018 – December 2023
    Project Area The project is implemented island-wide covering all the provinces

    Project Background

    Primary Healthcare System Strengthening Project (PSSP) is a project jointly implemented by the Ministry of Health and the State Ministry of Provincial Councils & Local Government Affairs under the World Bank Funds of USD 200 Mn. This project is scheduled to be implemented from 2018 to December 2023 December.

    Under this project, this Ministry plays the primary role of providing required financial provisions to uplift necessary access and infrastructure require to provide quality primary healthcare service for each citizen in Sri Lanka and proper supervision and coordination of these activities and thereby improve primary healthcare to minimize the disparities at regional level.

    Project Development Objective(PDO)

    The primary objective of this project is to identify the people who are in the risk of non-communicable diseases and control and manage such diseases while improving the quality of primary healthcare service in Sri Lanka.

    Restructuring and Enhancements implemented Parallel to this Project

    • To attach every citizen of Sri Lanka to a Primary Medical Care Institute and provide a quality medical service.
    • To provide a Personal Health Record (PHR) for every adult.
    • To furnish an essential package identified through all the primary level hospitals.
    • To introduce a protocol which consists of service conditions and proper conduct in order to equally distribute the said services from each institute.
    • To introduce healthy lifestyle clinics.
    • To maintain proper integration among rural hospitals and Medical Officers of Health.
    • To formalize referral for higher level treatment.
    • To increase financial provisions for primary care treatment.
    • To strengthen service supply networks including medical equipment
    • To expand laboratory technical services on identifying risk factors.
    • To expand citizen participation for these services.

    General Education Modernization Programme (GEM)

    Objective Enhance quality and strengthen stewardship of the general education system
    Funding Agency World Bank, Government of Sri Lanka.
    Project Duration April 2018 – June 2024
    Project Area The project is implemented island-wide covering all the provinces.

    Project Objective

    Enhance quality and strengthen stewardship of the general education system

    Project Description

    The World Bank funded General Education Modernization (GEM) Project is aimed at enhancing quality and strengthening stewardship of primary and secondary education. The project components are aligned with the Education Sector Development Framework and Program of the Government of Sri Lanka. This project has three components i.e.

    Component 1

    Enhancing Quality and Strengthening Stewardship of Primary and Secondary Education which aims to support the implementation of activities aims at enhancing quality and strengthening stewardship of primary and secondary education. It has following six sub-components

    1. Curriculum Modernization and Diversification
    2. Teacher Development
    3. System Level Quality Assessment
    4. Enhanced Program for School Improvement
    5. Strengthening Education Leadership and Management
    6. Promoting Social Equity and Inclusion through Education

    Component 2

    Project Operations and Technical Support

    Component 3

    Contingent Emergency Response

    Project Beneficiaries

    The main beneficiaries of the project will be school students. A further important set of direct beneficiaries will be the academic and managerial staff of the schools. In addition, over the medium term, the project will benefit technical education and vocational training institutions and higher education institutions, as these will get better prepared entrants into their institutions. In the long term, public and private sector employers will also benefit as they will be able to employ better educated individuals. Finally, the project will also benefit the industries and firms that provide goods and services under the project.

    Project Implementation

    The project is implemented by the Ministry of Education at the national level, and the Provincial Councils at the provincial level. The Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government (MPSPCLG) is the coordinating Ministry for the provincial component of the project. The PMSPCLG will coordinate and facilitate GEM implementation by the Provincial Councils.

    Rural Infrastructure Development Project in Emerging Regions (RIDEP)

    Objective To raise living standards and to develop  livelihoods of local people through basic infrastructure such as Rural Roads, medium and small size irrigation and potable water supply facilities in Northern, Eastern North Central and Uva Provinces thereby contributing to development of rural economics and reducing regional disparities in the country.
    Funding Agency Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
    Project Duration 2017 July - 2023 December
    Project Area Northern, Eastern, North Central, and Uva Provinces

    Project Objective

    The key objective of this project is to uplift the improve the identified rural roads, supply potable water and enhancement of small and medium scale irrigations of Northern, Eastern, North Central and Uva Provinces and thereby uplift the economy and to minimize regional disparities in existing economic development.

    According to the Government's 2015 Economic Policy and Budget Statements for 2016 and 2017, the objectives are to rehabilitate the areas affected due to adverse circumstances for a period of 30 years, to reduce the disparity in development in those areas and reduce poverty through economic development in the underdeveloped provinces as a whole.

    According to the Economic policy statement of Government in 2015 and Budget speech of 2016 and 2017, it was highlighted that the necessity of continues investment to conflict affected are and balanced regional development taking social inclusion in to account.

    Project period

    Nearly seven year’s period from July 2017 to December 2023

    Project Area

    Northern Province, North Central Province, Uva province and Eastern Province

    Criteria for selecting Project area (Provincial councils and local authorities

    GDP Share index at provincial level / poverty levels of Pradeshiya Sabhas / Local Authorities.

    Project Activities

    • Sub Projects - 524
    • Rehabilitation of rural roads - 275
    • Construction of Irrigation Facilities and Rehabilitation - 151
    • Drinking Water Supply - 98

    Activities in 2016

    • Fact finding Mission visited in September 2016 its report was signed by all the relevant parties
    • Loan appraisal Mission will be visited in December
    • Procurement will be from April to September 2017
    • Due date of commencement of civil works - October 2017

    List of Sub-projects in Irrigation Component Implementation with year 2021

    Northern Province
    Sub Project PS
    ID Farm Lift Irrigation Scheme Puthukudiyirippu
    36 Acre Farm Lift Irrigation Scheme Puthukudiyirippu
    90 Acre Farm Lift Irrigation Scheme Puthukudiyirippu
    Periyamadu Tank Manthai West
    Barathinagar Lift Irrigation Scheme Thunukkai
    Yogapuram - East Lift Irrigation Scheme Thunukkai
    Karumpulliyan Lift irrigation Scheme Manthai East
    Nedunkerny Kulam Vavuniya North
    Putiyavilan Kulam (Nallavilankulam) Vavuniya North
    Senappan Kulam Vavuniya North
    Puthiyavelar Sinna Kulam Vavuniya South Tamil
    Mullaikal Kulam Vengalacheddikulam
    Kat Kulam Vengalacheddikulam
    Mudkompan Kunchukasala Kulam Poonakary
    Kollkurichchi - Karukathievu Tank Poonakary
    Chori (Sorri) Kulam Poonakary
    Kathiravil Tank Poonakary
    North Central Province
    Mahamasellewewa Tank Kahatagasdigiliya
    Ellawissagoda Tank Horowpothana
    Kanugaha Ulpotha Tank Kebithigollewa
    Guruhalmillewa Kebithigollewa
    Kohombapitiya Tank Padaviya
    Udawewa Padaviya
    Mahindagama Main D-Chanal Welikanda
    Mahasenpura Tank Welikanda
    Eastern Province
    Borapola Tank Mahaoya
    Borapola Tank- Meegastalawa Road Mahaoya
    Maduva Kulam Kuchchavely
    Ethandamurippu Kulam Kuchchavely
    Adachchakal Kulam Manmunai West
    Nedunchenai Anicut Manmunai West
    Ammanthanaveli Tank Koralaipattu North
    Kadukkamunai Tank Manmunai SW
    Uva Province
    Dummalagas ara Anicut Madulla
    Koongahawela Tank Badalkumbura
    Kotagodalla Main Canal & Sub Canal Haldummulla
    Aukana Ela Haldummulla
    Dadayampola Canal Haldummulla
    Thetilla Anicut & Canal Kandaketiya
    Uduella and Weddangewela Meegahakiula
    Kandapoththawala Anicut & canal Soranathota

    Transport Connectivity and Assest Management Project-Provincial Road Development Project (TCAMP-PRDP)

    Funding Agency World Bank, Government of Sri Lanka.
    Project Duration Up to May 2019 to June 2023
    Project Area Being completed throughout all the provinces


    The project was initially funded by the World Bank in 2016, with the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development providing US $ 125 Mn. for the rehabilitation of 52 km of the Ja-Ela-Chilaw road. However, since expenses were not occurred up to 2018 on behalf of the proposed works the project was restructure and a decision was made to rehabilitate selected roads in the 9 provinces in Sri Lanka. Accordingly it is intended to utilize US$109 Mn. out of that amount for the implementation of the TCAMP and to implement the project as per the project restructuring document.

    Accordingly an amount of US$ 10 Mn.will be granted for the development of selected roads covering each province.

    Criteria used to select suitable for improvement

    Accessibility for public utilities, facilitation for transportation of agricultural output and input, connectivity to the inter-provincial road network, being a bus route, access road for schools, health institutes and government institutes, could be used for tourism, useful for industrial estates / investment zones, access to economic centres, use as an alternative route in case of disaster and using to reduce traffic congestion.

    However, widening of existing road and acquisition of related property is not undertaken by this provincial road development project.

    A Project Management Unit has been established under this Ministry for the implementation of the TCAMP and Project Implementation Units have been established in each province for project implementation and a Consultancy Units have been established to monitor project activities at provincial level.

    The officers presently serving in the Provincial Road Development Department and the Road Development Authority and outside officers have been recruited for these units in accordance with the relevant recruitment procedures.

    It has been planned to design contract packages in two stages for selected roads and two phases for each stage covering all the provinces and to implement the developments.

    Local Development Support Project


    The Project Development Objective (PDO) is “to strengthen local government authorities’ capabilities to deliver services to communities in a responsive and accountable manner, and to support economic infrastructure development in participating provinces.

    Funding Agency World Bank, European Union(EU), Government of Sri Lanka(GOSL)
    Project Duration 2019 - 2022
    Project Area Northern, Eastern, North Central and Uva Provincial Councils


    With the completion of the North East Local Government Service Improvement Project (NELSIP) in 2017 which was implemented to strengthen the local government sector, preliminary works of the “Local Development Assistance Project” (LDSP) were started in 2018 based on its results with the objective of further strengthening the local government sector . The project agreement between the World Bank and the Government was signed on 04.05.2019 to obtain a World Bank loan for this project and the project commenced on 30.06.2019.

    This project is supervised by the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government. Its project activities are carried out through the relevant Provincial Councils and sub-projects are implemented by relevant Local Government Authorities. Therefore, the Project Coordinating Unit for Project Management has been established under this Ministry while four Project Implementation Units have been established in the relevant Provincial Councils.

    Project Objective

    To ensure a responsible and accountable public service of Local Authorities by strengthening their capabilities and improving their infrastructure facilities.

    Project Areas

    This project covers all the districts of Northern, Eastern, North Central and Uva provinces. Accordingly, this project handles 4 provinces, 12 districts and 134 Local Authorities.

    Project Period

    The project will be implemented from June 2019 and December 2022.


    Financial Contribution for the Project

    • World Bank Loans - US$ 70.00 Mn.
    • Grants of European Society - US$ 23.65 Mn.
    • Contribution of GOSL - US$ 7.00 Mn.
    • Total Project Investment - US$ 100.65 Mn

    Sub-projects to be implemented under the project

    An effective project that include sub –projects such as rural roads, rural bridges / culverts, rural weekly fairs/ shopping centres, waste water drainage systems, health centres, children’s parks, pre schools, public vehicle parks, multipurpose buildings and water supply projects which comes under the subject of Local Governance.

    Project Components

    This project comprises of 5 major components viz; strengthening Local Authority planning mechanism, improving services and economic infrastructure of Local Authorities, organizational development, project management and responsiveness at emergency situations.

    Implementation of the components:

    • Strengthening Local Authority Planning Mechanism

      Under this component, a four year participatory development plan will be prepared for the Local Authorities. This will be done at the divisional level with the participation of the people, officials and the political authorities having understood needs at Local Authority level. Local Authority Development Plan is prepared using the need assessment. These plans are updated annually.

    • Improving Services and Economic Infrastructure of Local Authorities

      This component disburses funds to local authorities through the relevant provincial councils. Major sub-projects identified under the above component will be implemented using those funds. Funds were released for each Local Authority at two occasions; March and September this year following a specific mechanism. In addition, an amount of Rs. 360 will be granted to each province under this component to implement economic infrastructure development projects.

    • Organizational Development

      Capacity development of human and physical resources is carried out mainly under this component. Accordingly, capacity building training and organizational development programmes are implemented at the local authority, district, provincial and national levels. It has been planned to implement various programmes, especially in the areas of designing, procurement, finance, social and environmental, redressing grievances, engineering, and technology.

    • Project Management

      To facilitate for project implementation and auditing.

    • Emergency responses

      Under this component funds are provided at emergencies, epidemics and natural catastrophes such as floods and droughts.

    Supplying Fire Fighting Equipment



    Completed Projects

    Emergency Disaster Responsive Network Improvement Project - Stage III

    Objective To assure the public safety through minimizing the damages due to accidents and disaster by providing improved fire prevention facilities for LAs.
    Major Activity Provide fire extinguishers and Ambulances for LAs
    Implementing Area Colombo MC, Matale MC, Jaffna MC, Vavuniya UC, Ampara
    Funding Source Netherland Fund Loan

    Establishment of Fire Brigade Units

    In addition to to the assistance of Netherland Loan Fund for the stages of I & II of Emergency Disaster Responsive Project in 2015 to Local Authorities, measures were taken to give away of fire extinguishers to Matale MC, Vavuniya UC and ambulances to Colombo/ Matale/ Jaffna  MCs Vavuniya/ Ampara  UCs and develop other required infrastructure.

    The keys of Fire extinguishers and Ambulances were handed over by H.E. the President at the Presidential Secretariat on 22nd July 2016. Hon. Minister Fizer Mustafa, Hon. State Minister Piyankara Jayaratne and the Mr. Kamal Pathmasiri,  Secretary also participated in this occasion.


    Northern Road Connectivity Project (Original)

    Objective Improvement of the relationships within the province by upgrading the road network of the two districts; Vavuniya and Mannar in Northern Province and strengthening the Northern Provincial Road Development Department.
    Funding Agency Asian Development Bank
    Project Duration

    2010 - 2016

    Project Area Northern Province

    On the request made by the Government of Sri Lanka, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has provided a loan equivalent of US$ 173 Million to the Government of Sri Lanka for rehabilitation of both National and Provincial roads in the Northern region. Under Provincial Component, with a loan provision of US$ 24.4, it is expected to rehabilitate approximately 142km of provincial roads and enhanced project management capability of Northern Provincial Road Development Department (NPRDD) achieving efficient project implementation.

    Implementing Agency

    Provincial Road Development Department of Northern Province

    Physical Progress

    08 contracts of roads and 01 building contract of Northern Province has been granted under the provincial component of this project. Among them 06 road contracts and the building contract has been finished. The remaining 02 road contracts are on progress.

    Construction of Mahilankulam - Pallaimadu Road Bridge work Mahilamkulam Pllaimadu Road

    Madukanda - Iratperiyakulam Road Construction of culverts Uilankulam - Manakulam - Nanaththan Road

    Northern Road Connectivity Project (Additional Financing)

    Objective Improvement of the internal relationships within the province through the enhancement of the road network in Killinochchi and Mullaitivu districts in Northern Province and Anuradhapura District in North Central Province and strengthening Provincial Road Development institutes.
    Funding Agency Asian Development Bank
    Project Duration

    2013 - 2019

    Project Area Northern and North Central Provinces

    Because of better performance of the original project and with the request made by the Government of Sri Lanka, the Asian Development Bank decided to provide additional Financing to Northern Road Connectivity project of 68 million for rehabilitation of both national roads and provincial roads out of which US$ 30 million was allocated for rehabilitating further 125 km of provincial roads in Killinochchi, Mullitivu Districts in Northern Province and Anuradhapura District in North Central Province in addition to the capacity building of two provincial road agencies established under the two provincial councils.

    Implementing Agency

    Northern Provincial Road Development Authority and North Central Provincial Road Development Authority.

    Physical Progress

    05 road contracts in North Central Province and 04 road contracts in Northern Province have been granted under additional financing. Among them all 05 contracts in North Central Province and 02 contracts in Northern Province have been completed. Further, the contractors will maintain the roads for five years continuously. The remaining two contracts are on progress in Northern Province.

    Kennadi Road Oddusuththan - Pudukudirippu Matalan Road

    Jaffna - Kilinochchi Water Supply and Sanitation Project

    • Improvement of water supply service in Jaffna and Kilinochchi Districts
    • Strengthening of the programmes on sanitation infrastructure in of the public within Jaffna Municipality and water supply in Jaffna peninsula.
    Funding Agency Asian Development Bank
    Project Duration

    2012 - 2017

    Project Area Kilinochchi District

    The Purpose of this project is to complete the broadened and rehabilitated Iranamadu reservoir and lift irrigation system rehabilitated under Iranamadu reservoir.

    This project would benefit 10,000 farming families and the agro area is 8455 ha. Although 447 of lands could be cultivated under Thiruvaiaru lift irrigation scheme it hasn’t been implemented since the period of war. It has been calculated that this project would increase the paddy cultivation of 4000 Acres in Yala season.

    Second Health Sector Development Project

    Objective Enhancement of the public health facilities enabling to face the challenges related to nutrition and non-communicable diseases successfully.
    Funding Agency World Bank
    Project Duration

    2013 - 2018

    Project Area Entire island

    Project Activities

    • Taking measures to prevent and control non- communicable diseases
    • Taking measures for maternal and child health and nutrition.
    • Taking measures to prevent and control communicable diseases
    • Improvement of health systems
    • Training sessions, researches and surveys

    North and East Local Services Improvement Project (NELSIP)

    Objective To assist Local Authorities in Northern and Eastern Provinces and their adjoining provinces Uva, North Western and North Central to deliver their service and regional infrastructure to the public in a a responsible and accountable manner.
    Funding Agency World Bank, Australian Government and Government of Sri Lanka.
    Project Duration 2012 - 2017
    Project Area
    • All the Local Authorities in Northern and Eastern Provinces - 79
    • Local Authorities in North Central Province - 12
    • Local Authorities of Moneragala District in  Uva - 03
    • Local Authorities in Puttalam District in North Western Province - 07

    Key Components

    Infrastructure Service Delivery

    To improve the service delivery of Local Authorities quantitatively and qualitatively.

    Institutionalization Accountability

    To ensure responsibilities of Local Authorities, to conduct social and technical auditing for public places, design public projects, conduct follow ups and monitoring.

    Capacity Building

    To strengthen the service delivery systems at regional level and building capacities of the Local Authority’s to deliver their mandated services as well as strengthening the monitoring capacities of the provincial and national level institutions.

    Evaluation and Assessment

    To support a range of analytical and advisory activities aimed at strengthening the ability of central government to make effective policies related to Local Government.

    Project Management

    To support agencies at the central and provincial levels that are involved in the day to day management of the project to procure necessary consultant and equipment support for the smooth implementation of the project.

    Construction of Buttala Public Library Rs. Mn.21.4
    Making a passanger transport boat for Delfts Rs. 150 Mn.

    Construction of drainage system, Nagasena
    Mawatha, Anuradhapura - Rs. 39.95 Mn.

    Construction of Ampara Bus stand Rs.280.0 Mn.

    Transforming School Education as the Foundation of a Knowledge Hub Project (TSEP)

    Objective To enhance access to, and quality of, primary and secondary education to provide a foundation for the knowledge‐based economic and social development of the country.
    Funding Agency World Bank
    Project Duration 2012 - 2017
    Project Area Entire Island

    Education is the foundation of the development of a country. Economic and social improvement of a country could be achieved through education. Therefore this project facilitates to empower citizens as academics. School based improvement improvement of teachers, improvement of bilingual education, establishment of school development committees and school management committees at every school, development of education in the country and strengthening the education management of the countries are expected by this project.

    Home Economic Unit - Eriyagolla Maha Vidyalaya
    - North Western Province

    Nuwaraeliya Divisional Education Office
    - Central Province

    Iranamadu Irrigation Development Project

    Objective Improving irrigation infrastructure for an effective and sustainable management and improving the productivity of water and land in a sustainable manner.
    Funding Agency International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
    Project Duration 2012 - 2017
    Project Area Kilinochchi District in Northern  Province (Irrigation of 390 Km)

    Project Activities

    • Infrastructure development
      • Rehabilitation of irrigation
      • Development of other infrastructure facilities
    • Promotion of manufacturing and marketing affairs
    • Project management
    before pro 1