The commencement of work of Alupotha Bridge joining the villages Alupotha, Pathakada, Hangamuwa, Palimodera, and Karawita constructed in Palmadulla Divisional Secretariat Division in Rathnapura District and implemented by Rural Bridges Construction Project under State Ministry of Provincial Council and Local Government had been carried out on 03.09.2023 under the patronage of Hon. State Minister of Provincial Council and Local Government, Janaka Wakkubura.

This bridge is constructed by Precast Bridge Project implemented under the loan aids of Netherland. The estimated cost for this bridge which is 30 M in length and 6 M in breadth is Rs.50 million and this is being constructed on behalf of dilapidated bridge existed earlier. Through this, more than 200 families will get benefits.

Former Chairman of Palmadualla Pradeshiya Sabha, Mr. Laxshman Premarathne, former member of Pradeshiya sabha, Mr.Chandima Dharmapriya, Engineer of Provincial Rural Bridges Project of Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council and public officers including Regional Engineer had participated for this event.


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