To ensure efficient and effective service  to the public , civil organizations and other parties those who require services from Provencal Councils,by involving policy decision making for regulating  and performance improvements of Provincial Councils.

Contribution to the Vision and Mission of the Ministry

Local government division equally contribute to fulfill the  mission of the ministry by ensuring  an effective and efficient service according to the aspirations of the public by: assisting local government authorities when they require to  purchase  machinery / equipment , assisting the improvement of office facilities, prioritizing the need of providing efficient and effective service to the public those who expect to obtain services from Provincial Councils and implementing the front office concept of Provincial councils.

In addition, local government division contribute to reach the vision of the Ministry by ensuring the local government authorities provide efficient and high quality service  through analyzing the annual performance report of local government authorities.


  1. Incorporation and upgrading of local government authorities
  2. Implementation of actions related to determination of the boundaries of local government authorities
  3. Coordination with provincial chief secretaries/local government commissioners in order to give solutions to  complains made by the public who become unsatisfied when they try to obtain  the services of local government authorities.
  4. Coordination with relevant local government authorities regarding the nominated representations in related to the subject of local government, by the linear ministries/departments.
  5. Coordination with relevant provinces in order to implement the policy decisions taken by cabinet of ministers.

Special Programmes Implemented in Year 2017

Incorporation/Upgrading  of Local Government  Authorities

Since the need of a systematic mechanism aroused when working on the proposals made by political parties, public agents, civil organizations and the public regarding the incorporation and upgrading of local government authorities, 12 member committee appointed by ministry built a criteria on a scientific manner.

The committee report containing the above criteria was submitted to the approval of the Cabinet of ministers and they approved it on  2017/08. (Committee report and criteria) Proposals received so far from various parties regarding the incorporation/upgrading of local government authorities, will be reviewed by a committee appointed in provincial level by the Provincial Chief Secretary, and a recommendation report of the same committee will be received before those recommendations will be considered by the ministry to incorporate/upgrade the respective local government authorities according to the requests made.

Assist to Establish  Front Offices at 100 Selected Local Government Authorities

In view of providing more efficient and comprehensive service from local government authorities, the concept of front office is introduced and accordingly 108 front offices by Pura Neguma project and 101 front offices by NELSIP project are already been established and the local government department has decided to establish another 100 front offices in the year of 2017 at  local government authorities. (List of local government authorities where front offices are already established or to be established)

Accordingly, One Million Rupees is allocated for each authority to establish a  front office,  out of which  Rupees  300,000 is for purchasing of office furniture and the balance for purchasing of computers and accessories required for the front office. (Guidance) . In addition, the Ministry will guide to install the required software and to provide the training in local level for the offices to be assigned in front offices.

Performance Competition of Local Government Authorities

Local government authority management competition is conducted annually in the aim of enhancing the performance of local government authorities by means of evaluation/appreciation of their management.

For that ‘ Performance Enhancing and Confirming Tool’ ( PERFECT) which is established with a criteria developed incorporating  the scope of work of Local Government Authorities ( Human recourse management, office management, financial management, public health and sanitary affairs, roads and drainage maintenance, public facilities, welfare facilities and regulation services, etc. ), is used.

Therein the local government authorities are evaluated in provincial level and the winners among them are evaluated in national level.

In the year 2017 the  usage of ‘Performance Enhancing and Confirming Tool’ is not done, instead a performance of local authorities in the aspects of garbage disposal and Dengue control is evaluated against a criteria prepared considering timely issues of garbage disposal and Dengue hazard Information

1. List of Local Government Authorities - Sinhala
2. List of machinery& Equipment/vehicles  provided by ministries.

3. Ward Maps of LAs - Related to Delimitation

4. Summery of LAs (as at 2019.05.31)

5. Contact Details of LAs

6. Contact Details of CLGs (as at 14.06.2021)

7. Number of Local Government Institutions & the number of representatives in those Local Government Institutions(as at 15.03.2020)

8. Information about the offices of the Assistant Commissioners of Local Government (as at 15.09.2020)

9. Circular for Providing information technological solutions for the services delivered by the local authorities