Providing the financial contribution to achieve the vision and mission of the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government, utilization of public finance with transparency using local and foreign funds with high productivity.

Achieved Target

  • To spend all money economically by utilizing finance allocated by the appropriation account and the finance allocated under the foreign projects for the reserved tasks and in case of a surplus of allocation it could be transferred to other necessary tasks and submit the final accounts (appropriation accounts) to the auditor general on time.
  • Provide the machinery to achieve the vision and mission of the ministry without delay and management the assets of the ministry properly.
  • Submit the financial statements of local and foreign funded projects to the treasury monthly, quarterly and annually and obtain the provisions on time.
  • Take action to provide the advance for the government servants' without any delay under the advance B account.
  • Implementation of transparent and effective procurement procedure when purchasing goods and equipment for the ministry and necessary machinery required for the development and providing infrastructure facilities for the local authorities.
  • Submit the replies to the audit quarries made by the Auditor general's department and the internal auditor without delay and take immediate action to rectify errors and appear to the Committee on Public Accounts when needed.
  • Release imprest for the various development activities and services activities executed within the local authorities on time.