Human resource management and provision of official facilities to achieve the goals of the Ministry using the human resource efficiently and effectively.

Key functions

Administration Division

  • Provision and maintaining of human resource
  • Provision of office space facilities
  • Provision of transport facilities
  • Provision of water, electricity, telephone, internet facilities
  • Delivery of letters
  • Maintenance works
  • Organizing of special commemorations and functions

Planning of training programs required for the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes required for the development of human resource development of all the staff from the highest level to lowest level of the Ministry.

IT Unit

  • Updating Ministry Website per weekly as on attractive way to disseminate the relevant information to stakeholders/ Users.
  • Implementing Data base to gather information.
  • Established and function project publication center.
  • Re - establishing and monitoring existing network of the Ministry.
  • IT assistance for other divisions.(Software, Minor Hardware, Network)
  • Coordinating and Supervision of the LGN 2.0 Project Work of the ICTA at Ministry premises.
  • Maintaining a Paperless Environment at the Ministry Premises.



Perform establishment matters and disciplinary functions of the staff of the Ministry. Maintaining approved cadre of the Ministry, recruiting required cadre and filling up of vacancies in the Ministry. Approving posts under FR 71 and formulation of recruitment procedures in terms of PA Circular o6/2006. Perform matters relating to Hon. Minister’s and Deputy Minister’s Office. Redirecting daily mail  to the relevant sections and dispatching outward letters. Carrying out administrative functions of the Ministry (Attendance, Leave, Railway Season Tickets and Warrants, Water, Electricity, Security, Services and Cleaning Services, Supply of Newspapers, Issuing of Official Identity Cards). Fulfilling transport requirements of the Ministry, disposal of condemned vehicles and purchase of new vehicles. Buildings and equipment maintenance. Granting of advances and all types of loans and manage Agrahara Insurance Scheme.Preparing answers to Parliamentary Questions, submitting Cabinet Memorandums and perform matters pertaining to the Parliamentary Advisory Committee and the Public Petitions Committee. Implementation of Productivity programmes and organizing special Functions. Maintaining Kandalma (Dambulla) Circuit Bungalow. And also maintaining C-51 Official Residence of Hon. Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government.

Kandalama Circuit Bungalow

* Accommodation in Kandalama Circuit Bungalow can be obtained by submitting a prior application.