National Programme for Strengthening Pradeshiya Sabas

“Giving away Rs.1,000,000.00 monthly basis to each Pradeshiya Sabha for maintaining community infrastructure facilities through maintenance units of Pradeshiya Sabhas”.

Objective To extend necessary support to the Pradeshiya Sabhas to improve community infrastructure facilities which are not improved due to non‐availability of enough income sources and thereby to enhance the quality and productivity of the public services.
Major Activity Maintenance of community infrastructure
Project Area All Pradeshiya Sabhas (271)

Capital Programme for Local Government Infrastructure Improvement

Objective Capital Programme for Local Government Infrastructure Improvement.
Major Activities To develop essential community infrastructure like drainage systems, by roads, daily fair/ weekly fair, public toilets, community water projects and tourist attraction places.
Project Area All Local Authorities (335)

Due to insufficient development of essential community infrastructure facilities in Local Authority areas to meet the public needs growing with the rapid urbanization, people have to face various difficulties. As a solution for this situation the Capital Programme for Local Government Infrastructure Improvement has been formulated by this Ministry to improve the quality and the effectiveness of services delivered by Local Authorities for people through providing necessary assistance to new constructions of community infrastructure facilities.

 This programme assists to the projects related to following fields;

  • Construction of comfort centers
  • Drainage systems and sewerage systems
  • Development of by roads
  • Implementation of new community water supply projects
  • Development of tourist attractive places
  • Fixing temporary colour light systems
  • Construction of daily/weekly fairs

Development of Local Government Roads damaged by Disaster in Kegalle District

This Ministry contributed in development of Local Authority roads damaged due to the natural disaster condition in Kegalle District as per the decision taken by Kegalle District Coordinating.

Accordingly This Ministry has taken action to provide allocations for developing local authority roads in Kegalle district identified by District Coordinating Committee neglecting the maximum limit of allocation.

Programme for Development of Local Authority Libraries - Library Automation(E-Library)

Objective -
Major Activities
Provision of the hardware, software and training ; the resources that are  required for selected libraries.
Project Area All districts
Implementing Support Open University of Sri Lanka, NELSIP

Library Automation

It was planned to convert selected 22 libraries executed by Local Authorities to e-libraries utilizing the balance of Rs. 18.3 Mn after settling the continued payments from the budgetary allocation 2016 (Rs. Mn. 20.0) for library development programme. As a result of discussions with National Library Services Board and Open University of Sri Lanka that are the recognized institutes on e-library concept, it was understood that library automation is more important and decided to implement the programme with the assistance of the Open University. Although previous e-library programme was based on very simple concept that provides necessary furniture, computers and accessories and CD/DVD, library automation is a programme with modern technology and it is much effective.

30 public libraries are fully automated under this programme and 10 more libraries will be selected for partly automation.

Open University has made an assessment on the selected libraries and provided required computers and technical equipment. Further NELSIP will provide financial assistance for relevant trainings and establishments in 2017.

Pallepola Town Development Programme

Objective To develop Pallepola Town as a model for efficient and effective service of Local Authorities.
Major Activity Construction of Multy Purpose Building - stage 2
Project Area Pallepola PS area
Implementation Assistance
  • Urban Development Authority
  • Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation
  • Building Department

Under the Pallepola Town Development Programme, the activities of construction of Pallepola Market Complex and Multi-purpose Building (balance work) have been implemented under a systematic plan connected with the Master Plan for Pallepola Town Development. Although, Pallepola is a rapidly urbanizing town, necessary infrastructure facilities to provide efficient and qualitative services to people are not at sufficient level. Therefore, the main expected output of this programme is a medium scale town with improved infrastructure facilities. Accordingly, the market complex and multi-purpose building will be more important as one shelter to meet different needs and a property that increase the beauty of town.

The 1st stage of the construction of multi - purpose building was completed in 2015 and the 2nd stage was planned to complete in 2016. Accordingly, the activities of tiling, wall plastering, painting, fixing doors and windows, providing sanitation, water and electricity facilities have been done in this year.

Programme for Construction of New Office Buildings in Local Autorities in Northern-Eastern Provinces

Objective Making the ability of Local Authorities which have least facilities in Northern and Eastern Provinces to provide efficient and effective services to their communities, through construction of new office buildings in such LAs.
Major Activity Construction of new  office buildings in LAs
Implementing Area Northern and Eastern Provinces