Empowering Provincial and Local Governing.


A Provincial and Local Government System which is effective, collaboraive, innovative and accountable and provides high quality services in the communities.


Subjects and Functions

Assisting in the formulation of policies in relation to the subject of Provincial Councils and Local Government for the creation of “Work Culture for the Country” under the direction and guidance of the Minister of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government in conformity with the prescribed Laws, Acts and Ordinances and implementing, projects under the National Budget, State Investment and National Development Programme, and implementing, monitoring and evaluating subjects and functions of the below-mentioned Departments, State Corporations and Statutory Organizations.


Special Priorities

  • Implementing an expanded reforms program in public service to facilitate the shift towards the concept of public servant from the concept of public officer
  • Broaden technology capacity with the assistance of Information and Communication Technology Agency to utilize information technology tools in the public sector for people-friendly public service
  • Undertaking a study of duplication of services in the central and provincial government services and introducing a special methodology to avoid such situations
  • Planning and implementing special projects for providing facilities required for primary schools, hospitals, maternity homes, elder homes and children’s homes giving priority to rural and remote villages in areas of authority of Provincial Councils and Local Government
  • Formulating and implementing plans in collaboration with the road development authorities for the development of provincial councils and local government agricultural roads, rural roads and provincial roads linking such roads to the “100,000 Road Programme” and road system at national level


Policies and Strategies


Reduce the inter - regional disparities and improving provincial contribution to GDP while ensuring self - sustained Provinces.

  • Enhancing income generation capacity of every province while using available human capital and environmental resources effectively applying Good Governance.
  • Formulate and introduce an appropriate policies and long run programs to minimize the out-migration of the Provinces which have relatively higher rate of out migration.
  • Ensuring the utility of available human resources in each province for overall socioeconomic development process of the country.
  • Mobilization of resources available in the provinces and empowerment of values and capacities of rural communities by improving public participation for grassroots level community development activities.
  • Integrating disaster risk reduction and adaptation measures into regional level development activities while ensuring sustainable usage of natural resources in each Province.
  • To ensure efficient and effective Provincial and Local Government Administrative system through human resource development and upgrading the LAs on scientific basis.