The Local Authorities are responsible for providing services which the law specifically allows them to do. It is required to provide services for the comfort, convenience and well being of the community in respective areas. The Local Authority carries out;

  • Regulatory and administrative functions
  • Promote public health and sanitation
  • Environmental sanitation
  • Public thoroughfares and public utility services.

Sri Lanka has a long history of local government and local authority. After introducing the 13th Amendment to the constitution in 1987, Local Government became a devolved subject under the Provincial Councils. Hereafter, the powers to control and supervision of local authority transferred from central government to provincial councils. However, powers relating to the formation, structure and national policy on local government remained with the central government.

The Local Government System consisted of Municipal Councils, Urban Councils, Pradeshiya Sabhas which are govern by three main laws

  • Municipal Councils Ordinance (1947)
  • Urban Councils Ordinance (1939)
  • Pradeshiya Sabhas Act (1987)

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